The quintessential first post — An introduction.

Hi everyone,

My name is Trevor and this is my blog. My username [San7oki] is derived from “Santoki”, meaning “mountain bunny”. Santoki is a traditional Korean children’s song and is very cute! Anyway, I am just a self-taught programmer and Arch Linux enthusiast. Oh, I’m also a computer science student too. I’m relatively new to Arch Linux (I’ve used it for only about a year or two) but could already go on for quite a long time with various (and probably trivial) reasons that I love it. Above all else, I love the fact that I can learn something new every day :). I hope to use this blog as a creative outlet, sharing my experiences with coding and Linux. I will be overjoyed if anyone does ever read any of my posts, especially if they find the post useful. Anyway, that’s about it for this post though, so ja~

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